Acrylic Prints

Prints on plexiglass are increasingly used in the arrangement of modern rooms. They are perfect as a gift for a person who wants to introduce new decorative elements to the apartment. What are the advantages of printing on plexiglass? Why is it worth buying such prints? Plexiglas, or acrylic glass, is a transparent plastic that is increasingly used in many industries. Paintings on plexiglass are distinguished by high gloss and high durability. Print on plexiglass is not only modern and elegant, but combined with the right lighting also gives a depth that cannot be obtained with a simple picture in the frame. After choosing the right colors, it can also enlarge a room. Paintings on plexiglass can be hung in any room due to its high resistance to dirt and moisture. They will look great both in the home living room and office, as well as in the kitchen or hallway. Plexiglass on the wall is also impact resistant, and therefore unbreakable. The colors in these types of paintings are resistant to light radiation, which means that they do not fade. In addition, you can buy a mounting kit for each picture, which will facilitate quick and efficient hanging on the wall. ... more

Did you know…

Plexiglas is also known as acrylic glass. It has a great advantage over ordinary glass because it is lighter and more flexible, making it more versatile - it is applicable even in minimalist rooms where a thicker material would be overwhelming.