Industrial Canvas Prints

The industrial style was created in the years of the crisis, i.e. in the 1950s recession in the United States. It is currently a symbol of sophistication, taste and freedom. Canvas prints with metal structures look very good in the rooms furnished in this way. Industrial style can be best described by terms such as austerity and sophisticated elegance. A narrow color palette, large spaces and windows are characteristic of this style. These extremely original interiors should contain a limited amount of accessories, but at the same time they should be effective. Canvas prints are definitely a good idea. It is quite a challenge to skillfully match them to the walls often revealing the material from which they were made - brick or raw concrete. However, thanks to the wide selection of Pixers personalizations, you can be sure that you will find an image that perfectly meets the requirements. The canvas prints in expressive shades will look great i.e. navy blue, yellow, red or turquoise, which break the prevailing minimalism. You can choose from geometric patterns, abstract or grunge motifs. You can also stay in the prevailing climate and hang images of city plans, the image of an old typewriter, gramophone, clock mechanism and metal structures. ... more