Prints & Posters

Pixers offers various types of pictures and posters. Customers can choose from diptychs, triptychs, quadriptychs, pentaptychs. In addition to the most popular prints on canvas, you can buy a print on Plexiglas, PVC, Aluminum (Dibond). Recently popular wall accessory are posters, which are also available in self-adhesive version. The decorations look beautiful in themselves, but you can also frame them in an elegant and tasteful frame. ... more

Did you know…

Pictures and posters are decorations that everyone can afford in contrast to traditional painting. They are very impressive and at the same time they do not ruin the household budget. They are a great solution for those who want to change the look of their interior frequently. Thanks to complete freedom in terms of size and orientation, the graphics successfully fit into any room. Posters and pictures are a perfect tool to express yourself in your own interior. Thanks to them, you can create personalized galleries. The selection is made from posters and paintings for different purposes - bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. The decorations are available in different styles and with different themes. The latest hit among them are motivational inscriptions. Nature and architecture are timeless choices. The pictures and posters can have an additional effect thanks to elegant frames. There are also many solutions when it comes to the type of decoration - from paintings on canvas, plexiglass, PVC, aluminum to triptychs, pentaptychs and self-adhesive posters.