Rainbows Stickers

Can you think of a more positive & happy symbol, universally understood around the world, other than a rainbow? Put up this wonderful image from the Pixers nature and landscapes sticker collection to express your love of world peace. One of the oldest symbols commonly used around the globe, it has tremendous power. Unity. Solidarity. Hope. Joy. Happiness. Rebirth. Those are just a few of the most important things associated with this arc of colours. It's been present in our lives from a very early age. Appearing in the clear sky after the rain, it was a sign to go back outside and play again. As we grow older, the rainbow comes to stand for LGBTQ+ acceptance. In an always-changing world, it's crucial to preach about tolerance for different views and people. Start those valuable lessons as soon as possible and your kids will grow into respectful, global citizens. ... more