Wallpaper Rolls

The wallpaper rolls are made with the use of an innovative technology, which allows to reflect the intensity of the colors and making the selected pattern to look maximally realistic. Graphics on a wallpaper roll can be personalized by setting for example the density of the selected pattern. Wallpaper rolls come in a standard width of 0.5 m x 10 m. They are made of semi-matt material on a non-woven backing. The technology used in their production guarantees perfect color reproduction and allows you to bring out the depth of color so that the pattern looks extremely realistic. These wallpapers are also very durable, they do not shrink or stretch and retain their original size both during and after application. There are no unattractive gaps that could spoil the whole effect. ... more


The personalization of the wallpaper roll is primarily about adjusting the density of the pattern so that it meets the needs of the respective room and guarantees the desired effect. The installation itself runs without major problems. To do this, you need the right glue, which has to be applied onto a clean, dry and smooth wall. The wallpaper is placed on the prepared background, starting from the top and matching subsequent sheets. This simple way you can give a unique character to any interior.