Chevron Wallpapers

Chevron pattern wallpaper is a definition of a modern twist on the traditional look. Whether you desire a classic or a more contemporary look, Pixers chevron wallpapers collection will add an element of youthfulness into your home. This particular style comes in various bright and muted, eye-catching colours, so get ready for a fun search for your next wallpaper! It is a fantastic choice for a nursery. But at the same time, all of our chevron pattern wallpaper designs are versatile enough to fit into any room, be it toddler room, kitchen or powder room interior. The possibilities are endless. The star of the show is, of course, an inverted V-shaped pattern. The word “chevron“ refers to the type of architectural threshold, stamp or orders used in military or police uniforms to denote the rank or length of service, sometimes also in heraldry and flag designs. Why not use it as a wallpaper pattern? Shop our selection of removable chevron wallpapers below! ... more