Design Wallpapers

Give the walls of your home an energy boost with a Pixers design wallpaper. From abstract shapes to exotic patterns, to name just a few, we have design wallpaper ideas to satisfy all tastes. There are pieces within the Pixers design wallpaper collection to suit all interior design themes and the different styles within them. If you're after modern design wallpapers, we have a handful of geometric prints featuring bright and vibrant colours. Or maybe your goal is to create a friendly city living environment? What about some design wallpapers for a country cottage? Choose a decorative design wallpaper style below and let Pixers help you create your top-notch home. The Pixers design wallpaper collection has timeless classics such as star pattern wallpaper, abstract art wallpaper or a breathtaking winter animals wallpaper. Design wallpapers are always a part of something bigger. New geometric or graphic patterns, a melange of various eras and art movements, or a completely free-style interpretation of emotions and ideas are all reflected in the Pixers design wallpaper section. See for yourself what we’ve got and add some flair to your interior. ... more