Elephants Wallpapers

They are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. Smart, loyal and powerful. Welcome to the elephant wallpaper kingdom, assembled by Pixers. It's always a good time for some changes, especially when talking about your living spaces. No matter if you want to switch things up in your bedroom, or maybe your life is about to change with a newborn baby in a matter of months, weeks or days, there's an elephant for every situation. Make the room you're decorating cheerful, fun, happy or oriental. The floor is yours. Well, that too, but let's focus on your walls, okay? If you're settled on an elephant, the next question is: what colours would you like to explore? There are a lot of beautiful designs based around blue, purple & pink. You don't want to rely on just one colour? We’ve got you covered with plenty of rainbow-like elephant design ideas. Can you imagine the joy and countless smiles your kids will have while playing in their room, filled with these cute creatures? So step into the role of The Grand Decorator Of My Home. Turn your walls into an animal paradise. Make your kids exclaim they have the best mum or dad in the world. Some things money can't buy. But having a dozen elephants in your home is simply priceless. ... more