Owls Wallpapers

When it comes to birds, for some people, nothing beats an eagle. We’d like to disagree on this one. Explore the most fascinating and mysterious bird in the world with the Pixers Owl Wallpaper collection.The owl is a symbol of wisdom. We are presented with this from a very early age through various references in pop culture, such as Winnie the Pooh, and often representation in folklore traditions. Instead of intellectual power, however, owls are associated with the intelligence of the soul. The owl represents a deep connection with intuition, a kind of hidden or even forbidden knowledge. Owls also symbolise a transition or period of change, announcing an upcoming event that will affect your life. But that's the grown-up part. If you're after a wallpaper for your kid's room, there's nothing like a sweet owl looking from a tree right into your eyes. Cute shapes. Bright and happy colours, alongside other animals from the woods and all sorts of fresh design aspects, these wall coverings will create a dream state for your kids. And if they are all over you, talking about how they hate their room and want to change it immediatly, you're about to deliver just what they want. ... more