Paisley Wallpapers

Fancy an oriental flavour for your interior? Look no further. Find the best Paisley Wallpapers on the internet & create a stunning, one of a kind home where anything is possible. Do you want to refresh the entire room around this stylish teardrop motif? Or maybe you are looking for a feature wall? No matter what the case might be, a paisley print wallpaper design is a sophisticated pattern choice with versatile potential for many rooms in your home. Paisley is a timelessly elegant design style, the kidney-shaped pattern coming from India on fabric dedicated to shawls. Fortunately for all design lovers, it's also been successfully repurposed for wallpaper. The Indian name "both" was replaced with "Paisley" when the designs were replicated and redesigned in Paisley, Scotland on a large scale with efficient costs. However, today, the production costs have gone full circle and paisley is made, once again, mainly in India and East Asia. So go ahead. Dive into the world of spectacular shapes. Find yourself stunned by the incredibly vivid colours. Explore one of the most unexpected styles of wall coverings, not to mention a creative way of using different shades. The home is yours, so keep your walls up to date with what's on your mind. ... more