In the past, backpacks were associated mainly with school duties. Currently, everyone who appreciates comfort is carrying a backpack with them. Backpacks for children are an inseparable companion of little explorers. They will not replace a school bag, but they are certainly an interesting alternative to a backpack for small and large trips. Backpacks for teenagers are not only a way of transporting things, but above all a means of expression. Thanks to the graphics created by artists from around the world, you can choose an original theme that matches not only your style, but also your character. Regardless of who you are, where you are and what you are doing, the backpack will complete your look and help you meet everyday challenges! ... more

Did you know…

Backpacks are the biggest streetwear trend! They are more comfortable than handbags, and wearing them does not adversely affect the spine due to the even distribution of the carried weight.