Wall Decals

Wall stickers are increasingly appearing both in private homes and in various boutiques, shops, cafés and even health centres. Their popularity is primarily due to the virtually unlimited decorative possibilities they offer. Wall stickers work well in a variety of spaces. They are very often used by parents preparing a child's room. They are also willingly used by owners of modern boutiques, who want to emphasize the atmosphere of their interior. Finally, wall stickers can be found in modern living rooms. It is also an interesting decorative solution, giving character to such a specific space as the hallway. Wall stickers for the kitchen, bedroom or living room can take the form of original graphics, images of animals, flowers, as well as motivating inscriptions, which in recent years have become a very popular form of interior design. The assembly of such decoration is extremely simple. The wall stickers for children are also extremely resistant to damage. They are made of durable, matt material, resistant to moisture, tears and creases. ... more

Did you know…

The most popular wall stickers are made of Pixerstick material. It is a reusable material with the power to adhere to the wall for many years, regardless of whether you stick a sticker on wallpaper, paint or ceramic tiles.