Sticker sets

Stickers sets can cheer up and add character to any interior, furniture or even a fridge. On the website you can find dozens of interesting and original designs, suited to any room. Thanks to them, decorating your own home is child's play. Personalizations of sticker sets available on have been designed based on the latest trends in interior decoration. A multitude of colors and designs gives unlimited possibilities in interior design. The sticker set can easily be placed on a smooth and even surface. They are easy to remove, so if you get bored, they can be changed in a few moments. All sticker sets are kept in a fairly similar tone, so you can easily combine them to create an original decor. The room, of both a small and teenage child, boy or girl, can be varied with the help of original sticker designs. They can be placed on the walls and on furniture. At you can buy personalizations of stickers sets with nature, animals or flowers - colorful and monochrome. ... more

Did you know…

In Scandinavian-style interiors, no accessory is coincidental. Although based on minimalism, this trend is characterized by personalized details, which give the rooms a unique atmosphere.