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    Your child’s room is the most important space in the house.
    It fulfills many functions - it is a bedroom, a playroom, and a place to study. It is a companion in the child’s development and exploration of the world. A properly arranged space will make the journey towards adulthood a wonderful adventure, and the room will age with your child. Choose the age category and discover the way to the perfect interior.


    Many precious moments take place in the baby's room - the first smile, word, or step. It's a space that's meant to be cozy and safe, where the moments are both joyful and pleasing. When decorating a toddler's room, choose bright colors in warm shades with light pastels as little clouds. An interior filled with subtle patterns inspired by nature and magic, a fairy tale world will let your baby fall asleep and wake up with a smile.


    These are the rooms where miracles happen and fairy tales and fantasies come true. You can make fun even better and let your child’s creativity run wild, using patterned decorations in their favorite colors.


    School means new friends, but it also means new responsibilities. Older children have more and more interests, and their rooms must have adequate space to learn and express themselves.


    A teen's room is no longer childish, but not yet overly serious. It's a field for experiments, where you search for your style and form of expression. The variety of motifs and decorations will allow for all youthful visions to be implemented.

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