Framed Pictures

The paintings in frames, which are used by modern interior decorators, are more and more often original graphics or graphics combined with non-stamped inscriptions, and sometimes they are just the inscriptions themselves. This has less and less in common with traditional painting, but this solution should definitely be considered unconventional. The pictures within the frames must first of all be made on durable material, which will guarantee excellent print quality and exceptional effect. Thanks to modern tools, they can be freely personalised in terms of colour (original, sepia, black and white) and size. The frames themselves are also the subject of individual choice. When placing a personalisation order you can choose from at least a few proposals. In addition, it is also possible to order a passe-partout to emphasize the unusual character of the graphics. Wall frame images are suitable for private spaces as well as for offices. Properly selected visualizations add character to the home kitchen or office registration. Currently, very popular are images in frames, which instead of graphics contain motivational slogans. ... more

Did you know…

Minimalist frames are appropriate for every image without creating an overly decorative impression. When choosing a frame, remember that it is supposed to highlight the image, not distract from it.