Wall Murals - Vinyl

Vinyl wall murals are a great wall decoration, being an original and practical solution for any home or office space. In addition to the amazing aesthetic values, it should be emphasized that they are easy to install, easy to clean and resistant to water vapor. Vinyl wall murals offered at pixers.uk are made of high quality materials. Thanks to the use of modern printing technology, they are characterized by excellent depth and color richness. The paper used for their production is very durable and resistant to damage. Due to the huge selection of styles and themes, the customer is sure that he will find a photo wallpaper suited to his needs, which will ennoble, enliven and complement any room. It can literally contain everything. Vinyl wall mural can be applied in the kitchen or bathroom, too. This wall decoration can be used without fear even in rooms with difficult conditions. It demonstrates resistance to high temperature, water and cleaning. In addition, the vinyl used to make it has excellent insulating properties. It warms and silences the interior, without retaining moisture and without hindering the walls of breathing, because it is a material that is breathable. ... more

Did you know…

Originally, wall murals were hand-painted. There were also attempts to print on other fabrics, using woodcut blocks, for example, to impress a pattern onto paper or silk. Later, printing machines took over, and eventually, a machine for producing long rolls of paper and wall murals began to be produced at the end of the 18th century, enabling the production of large-format prints as we know them today.