Posters are one of the most popular decorative accessories. Thanks to them you can emphasize the character of the interior, give it a completely new atmosphere or customize the space according to your interests and passions. All with a very durable and eye-catching solution. Posters are simple tools of great metamorphoses. Thanks to them, in a few moments you can completely change the climate of a room without much effort. A wall poster will work in virtually any space, will not get lost among furniture and other accessories. Juxtaposing several posters in the living room gives virtually unlimited arrangement possibilities, thanks to which you can simultaneously emphasize the personality of the owner of a given space. It is also a solution that will work in the office space and will give it an unusual character. A great advantage of the posters in the frame is the modern printing technology, thanks to which the colours are perfectly reproduced and the sharpness of the image only emphasises the photographic quality. Durability is guaranteed by the quality, thick paper with a slightly glossy, semi-matt finish. Lightweight and stylish frames protect posters from dust and other dirt. ... more

Did you know…

In the past, posters were associated only with advertising. Usually, this graphical form was used when promoting films and plays. Later, propaganda posters were created that aimed at highlighting an idea and presenting it to a broader audience. Nowadays, posters are considered a separate genre of art and their accessibility has made them very popular and widely used.