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Are you an artist, creator, or enthusiast? Let's get to know each other!

The Pixers Platform is an inspiring space for artists - photographers, illustrators, and stylists - to connect with fans of beautiful interiors and the latest trends. Your impressive photographs, interesting illustrations, and fabulous designs have the opportunity to change thousands of homes and commercial spaces.

Do you create with passion and love sharing your ideas on a blog or other form of media? Are you active and engaged with the people around you? We invite you to join the world of Pixers! Contact us by sending an email, adding your portfolio and showing us the community you've gathered around you.

We will gladly promote patterns which mark new trends and delight our clients. If your work is among them, we will ensure its proper exposition on our Pixers website.

Share your talent and we will share our profits with you! Write to us to find out more!

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