Horses Prints & Posters

Horses are dignified, mysterious, wise, proud, noble and beautiful animals. Due to their elegant presence, they arouse widespread admiration. Paintings with horses have been an extremely popular interior decoration theme for years. Artists representing various trends were interested in them. At Pixers you will find a very wide selection of images with horses. The offer includes graphics on canvas with the possibility of framing, as well as PVC, aluminum or Plexiglas prints. Horses are often presented in multi-part paintings, which are a modern dimension of wall decoration. They can be in the form of a diptych, triptych, quadriptych, pentaptych. You can choose from images presenting animals of various colors and breeds, including, among others: Arabian, Belgian or thoroughbred English horses. The most popular shot in which they are depicted is speeding at a gallop with a mane. ... more

Did you know…

Expressive pictures with horses will enliven any room and give it a dynamic character. Their undoubted advantage is also the timelessness of the theme. This type of decorations will work on the wall of the living room, dining room, hallway or bedroom. They can be part of the design of a room decorated in a minimalist style, but also modern and traditional. Pictures with horses will also prove to be a successful gift for lovers of these animals.