Door Stickers

Door stickers allow you to easily change the appearance of this element of the room, which normally seems to be doomed to neutrality. Thanks to stickers, doors in an apartment can experience a complete transformation. A wide selection of various types of graphics for door stickers means that everyone can design the one they dream of. You can choose, among others, from geometric, floral, urban, plant, rustic, oriental, futuristic and retro patterns. Thanks to advanced personalization options, it doesn't matter what size your door is. Graphics can be individually adjusted to each model. Its installation on the door is also not a problem. There is no need to measure or cut it. Personalization options also provide fun with both the pattern design and the selection of colors. Door stickers are very resistant to damage and dirt, which seems to be crucial in the case of doors with which daily contact with dirty hands is in fact constant. Dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth, and with door stickers, your apartment can acquire a completely new character. ... more

Did you know…

There are also special stickers for glass doors and store windows. We are talking about stained-glass stickers, which have a glossy finish, imitate stained glass and transmit light. Store doors decorated with such stickers will definitely be more visible, or you can use this solution to put important information on the door.