Game room Stickers

Stickers for the player's room are a compromise solution between posters and wallpaper or a wall mural with a specific theme. Stickers allow you to instantly personalize the space, adjust it to your own interests and passions. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of transferring such a decoration at any time. Stickers for the player's room are a very aesthetic solution, easy to apply, and at the same time extremely durable. With Pixerstick stickers, players can change their room, decorate it in accordance with current interests and the game. Thanks to the durable, matt and reusable material, the stickers can be placed on any flat surface. A player's room can therefore be transformed an infinite number of times. The sticker sticks and comes off easily. It does not leave any marks on the wall or other surface, so you can easily move it to another place. The material from which it is made is resistant to moisture and dirt, so it will work in any room. Like all Pixers products, stickers can be personalized in terms of size and color. ... more

Did you know…

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