Framed Canvas

Paintings are decorative elements that make an apartment and a house look more cozy. Matched to individual tastes, they reflect the character and preferences of the household member. On there is a wide range of personalized images that can be framed, which will match different rooms. Modern living rooms and bedrooms can not miss interesting decorations on the walls. Framed prints are a perfect idea, when thinking about adding an individual character to the interiors. The choice is huge, ranging from beautiful floral compositions, through retro drawings, traditional reproductions of famous works, to futuristic patterns. Pictures in white and black with Inscriptions that reflect the life motto of the household members are also becoming increasingly popular. It is worth remembering to match the frame color to the wall color, so there would not be too much contrast. Minimalist furnished spaces are becoming more and more common. In such spaces, you can be tempted to add an interesting and somewhat abstract picture in the frame. Even one that combines many colors and styles. ... more

Did you know…

You can adjust the selected pattern by adding a sepia effect, changing the color to black and white or by using the mirror image effect, rotate it vertically or horizontally. Your decoration can be one of a kind!