Fridge Stickers

The fridge sticker allows you to give your kitchen space a very distinct, individual character. With this solution, without having to replace any of the elements in the kitchen, you can make it take on a slightly different climate than before. This is one of the most interesting design options and an alternative to covering a refrigerator. Fridge stickers are a quick and simple way for the personalisation of your home appliances. No glue, no extra effort, no cutting to size. Thanks to modern solutions, the fridge sticker can be sterilised already at the order stage, which then only needs to be peeled off from paper and glued to the appliance door. What's important, if something goes wrong, you don't have to worry about how to remove the sticker from the fridge, because one stroke is enough. Replacing graphics or correcting a small mistake in sticking is therefore trivially simple. The fridge sticker is extremely durable thanks to the matt, moisture and dirt resistant material it is made of. The number of graphics you can choose from is virtually unlimited. These are extremely interesting, artistic creations that change the face of the kitchen. ... more

Did you know…

In modern apartment design, wrapping furniture with stickers is becoming increasingly popular. With this trend, an ordinary fridge can look as if it was made from a different material, like wood. But that's not the end of the possibilities… you can make your fridge look as if it was a Marshall amplification unit or a London telephone booth. Give a new dimension to your entire kitchen with a 3D fridge sticker.