Rustic Wallpapers

What do you say about a little cultural travel to Eastern Europe? After all, that is the place where rustic folk art originates from. Get ready to be amazed by the Pixers Rustic Wallpapers collection! The rustic theme is always popular, so come along with us! This style is so simple, it is almost as refreshing as a summer breeze. Maybe the secret is the focus on cosy natural textures and surroundings. This style celebrates the art of repurposing; reclaimed wood, all sorts of metals and antiques are often a part of rustic interiors. Make your home cosy again. Country designs offer incredible doses of warmth and style. All of that comes from the inspiration of farmhouses, lush gardens, and cosy cottages. Our country wallpapers will please every taste. Find inspiration in rustic patterns, vintage checkered designs or seamless patterns of flowers. Enjoy earth tones in a broad range of hues and layouts. As our collection is super easy to browse through, you’re sure to find the country design that brings your entire room together in no time. Redecoration starts today! ... more