Forest Wallpapers

In this unprecedented time, there's one thing which unites us.We would do just about anything to get out there in nature. Fortunately, that's where Pixers comes in with our forest wallpaper collection. Let's have a look! What you'll see below is a hand-picked catalogue of artistic representation of forests, for young ones and for a little older ones, too. We believe that our more than 100 forest wallpaper design ideas will bring you a sense of reconnection with mother nature. That's what a natural interior design can do! The woods are full of secrets. They are mysterious, full of surprises and always inviting. What's stopping you from having a bit of that magic in your own space? And when we talk about decorating or redecorating a kid's room, there are marvelous options available which will spark curiosity, creativity and a drive to go outside and explore nature from a very young age. Are you in the woods? See you on the trail! ... more